Monday, March 13, 2017

DMode - The Albums

I never considered myself a huge Depeche Mode fan until one day I looked at my music collection and realized how much of their music I owned. They were huge here in So Cal, probably right behind U2 and REM in popularity.

Any decent record store always had import copies of their first 5 albums because the US versions were so horribly mastered they were shrill and metallic sounding. So, I've tried to assemble the best sounding versions of each that I've found.

Their Remaster campaign ticked off everyone when it turned out that in the US, the regular old versions were coupled with a DVD which contained the remasters. The UK and European versions attempted to copy protect the discs, but rendered them unplayable on most computers and many audio systems. In short, their catalog is beyond screwed and for no good reason.

One day I'll get around to posting all the singles.


  1. 1981 - Speak & Spell [SACD 2006 Remaster]
    1982 - A Broken Frame [SACD 2006 Remaster]
    1983 - Construction Time Again [SACD 2007 Remaster]
    1984 - Some Great Reward [SACD 2007 Remaster]
    1985 - The Singles 81-85 [1998]
    1986 - Black Celebration [SACD 2007 Remaster]
    1987 - Music For The Masses [SACD 2006 Remaster]

    1990 - Violator [SACD 2006 Remaster]
    1993 - Songs of Faith and Devotion [SACD 2006 Remaster]
    1997 - Ultra [SACD 2007 Remaster]
    1998 - The Singles 86-98
    2001 - Exciter [SACD 2007 Remaster]
    2005 - Playing The Angel [Bonus Track]
    2009 - Sounds Of The Universe [Deluxe Version]
    2013 - Delta Machine [Deluxe Edition]
    2017 - Spirit [Deluxe Edition]