Thursday, September 22, 2016

Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost built a good following on their first couple dark metal albums, then turned more polished hard rock, then turned electronic rock, then started going backwards toward doom metal. Personally, I would start with "One Second" - fantastically produced by Sank, with deep baritone vocals. Goth hard rock never got any better.


  1. 1991 - Gothic [Japanese Edition]
    1992 - Shades Of God [Japanese Edition]
    1995 - Draconian Times [Japanese Edition]
    1995 - Draconian Times [Legacy Edition 2011]
    1997 - One Second [Japanese Edition]
    1999 - Host [Japanese Edition]
    2001 - Believe In Nothing [Japanese Edition]
    2002 - Symbol Of Life [Limited Edition]
    2005 - Paradise Lost [Limited Edition]
    2007 - In Requiem [Japanese Edition]
    2009 - Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us [Japanese Edition]
    2012 - Tragic Idol [Japanese Edition]
    2015 - The Plague Within [Deluxe Edition]

    1. Good Morning.
      I discovered your blog by chance, looking for something particular from the band Paradise Lost as Draconian Times Lecagy edition. And it is a luxury to see that apart from that, so difficult, you have also well ordered your discography in such good editions. I still do not know if you leave them to share, or if you can. But thanks in advance.