Wednesday, October 19, 2016


I hope when I say it's a good night for Suicide, it isn't taken the wrong way. Alan Vega passed away this year, maybe lost among the larger celebrity names. Or perhaps he was never going to be lauded by the mainstream anyway. No matter. They started dark, minimal and gritty... and never really changed much. Why would they?


  1. I swallowed some great stuff from here and there on your blog.
    I want to thnak you deeply for the opportunity to get the chance to hear those fantastic music. Très belle sélection.
    Merci beaucoup.
    Funky Fred From France

  2. 1977 - Suicide [Expanded 1998]
    1980 - The Second Album [Expanded 1999]
    1988 - A Way Of Life [Expanded 2005]
    1992 - Why Be Blue
    2002 - American Supreme

    1980 - Alan Vega
    1981 - Collision Drive
    1983 - Saturn Strip
    1985 - Just A Million Dreams
    2017 - IT