Friday, December 9, 2016


Loop emerged in the late-80s with a sound combining post-punk, shoegaze, psychedelia, and a bit of post-JAMC noise rock. To me, their sound really gelled later, culminating in their final LP, A Gilded Eternity, which is a very unique entity. They pared down the previous guitar workouts into repeated off-kilter riffs and a heavy rhythm section. The buried vocals still sound rather shoegaze-ish, but the music seeks to pound you into a trance rather than float you there on a bed of haze and clouds. Great stuff.

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  1. LOOP
    1987 - Heaven's End [Remastered]
    1987 - The World In Your Eyes [Remastered]
    1988 - Fade Out [Expanded]
    1990 - A Gilded Eternity [Remastered]
    2015 - Array 1 EP

    [Hair & Skin Trading Co]
    1992 - Jo In Nine G Hell
    1992 - Ground Zero EP
    1993 - Over Valence
    1993 - Go Round EP
    1993 - Loa EP
    1995 - Psychedelische Musique (Lava Surf Kunst)
    1996 - Crouch End EP