Thursday, January 12, 2017

Dengue Fever

Faithfully recreating Cambodian rock music from the 1960s while adding their own slightly psychedelic indie groove, Dengue Fever are a blast. Singer Chhom Nimol has one of the most amazing voices you'll ever hear. What's the saying... everything old is new again?


  1. Hi DV,

    All the Dengue Fever CDs have expired links. I have a couple of their cds but would love to check out the expanded editions and the newer stuff if you have time to do a reupload. I had a nice adventure years ago traveling in Cambodia and Laos and always get a nice memory of those times when I listen to DF. Thanks for the consideration and thanks as well for the great blog!


  2. 2003 - Dengue Fever [Deluxe Edition]
    2005 - Escape From Dragon House [Deluxe Edition]
    2008 - Venus On Earth
    2011 - Cannibal Courtship
    2013 - Girl From The North EP
    2013 - In The Ley Lines
    2015 - The Deepest Lake
    2017 - Oddities and Rare