Saturday, March 18, 2017

Steve Kilbey

Steve Kilbey has been incredibly prolific over his career. He has more albums solo or with a collaborator than with main band, The Church. And unlike so many other artists who are prolific only because they don't seem to have a filter, Kilbey's work is incredibly consistent. He's got all his stuff on his Bandcamp page, so dig in.


  1. 1987 - Unearthed
    1988 - Earthed
    1988 - The Slow Crack
    1989 - Hex
    1990 - Vast Halos (Hex)
    1997 - Gilt Trip (w/ Russell Kilbey)

    2009 - Unseen Music Unheard Words
    2011 - White Magic
    2013 - You Are Everything
    2015 - Inside We Are the Same

  2. Hello DV,

    I discovered your blog recently. Great stuff here. Thank you so much for the great Church reissues (I have all the original Lp, but reissues have bonus tracks!) and Steve Kilbey. Cheers.