Sunday, June 26, 2016

25Men - the many faces of James Ray

James Ray and the Performance, James Rays Gangwar, MK Ultra, The Sisterhood... James Ray has taken on many incarnations for his musical output. Some people wrote him off as a sub-Sisters of Mercy copy, but I think he had more in common with 80s "industrial" bands like Front 242, Mussolini Headkick, etc. Anyway, this outfit, dubbed 25Men, is my favorite. Released in 2008, it reminds me of unstructured early '90s industrial music.

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  1. 1989 - A New Kind of Assassin (Performance)

    1989 - Another Million Dollars (Gangwar)

    1990 - Without Conscience (Gangwar)

    1992 - Dios Esta de Nuestro Lado (Gangwar)

    1993 - Third Generation (Gangwar)

    1994 - This Is This (MK Ultra)

    1995 - Beluga Pop (MK Ultra)

    1997 - Psychodalek (Gangwar)

    2005 - Everywhere Is A Strange Part Of Nowhere (Longfolk)

    2008 - The Dancing Wu Li Masters (25Men)

    2011 - A Band of Heathens