Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sky Cries Mary

Seattle band Sky Cries Mary started out as the moniker of Roderick Romero, who released 2 albums of rather uninteresting experimental soundscapes in the late-80s. He then formed a proper band, turning out some of the most original music of the 1990s. This Timeless Turning sounds like nothing else I own. With the soaring vocals of Anisa Romero, they are at times delicate, spiritual and overwhelming. Interesting postscript: Roderick and Anisa now focus on building treehouses and furniture...

no, really:

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  1. 1991 - Exit At The Axis
    1993 - A Return To Inner Experience
    1994 - This Timeless Turning [2004 Bonus Tracks]
    1997 - Moonbathing on Sleeping Leaves
    1999 - Seeds EP
    2007 - Small Town

    1999 - Hana (Anisa Romero)
    2001 - Omen (Anisa Romero)